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Phoenix Beverages Group manufactures exceptional products from high quality natural ingredients. Our team’s resourcefulness and capacity to adapt have made some of these products become favourite local brands, enjoyed by Mauritians and foreigners alike. Discover our full range of locally produced and global brands.

Phoenix Salitos ABV: 5.9%

Manawa Beer
Salitos Tequila is an exclusive tequila-flavoured beer filled with Latino vibes! It incorporates the taste of spicy tequila & is rounded off by refreshing lemon & lime. A sublimely sophisticated beer.

Phoenix Panache ABV: 0.9%

Manawa Beer
Phoenix Panaché offers a refreshing alternative to beer, with its easy-drinking appeal. It is a pleasantly light and mildly alcoholic drink, with a hint of sweetness and no bitter aftertaste.

Manawa ABV: 4.5% | 5.5% | 6.5% alc

Manawa Beer
Manawa is the name of a powerful wave that lies off at Le Morne, Mauritius. Manawa strives to bring a diverse range of Original Mauritian craft beers to the market at the highest levels of quality.

Phoenix Beer ABV: 5.0%

Phoenix Beer
Since its launch in 1963, and as the first beer to be produced and to originate locally, Phoenix Beer has always had a special place in the hearts of Mauritians.

Spéciale Phoenix ABV: 6.5%

Spéciale Phoenix
Spéciale Phoenix previously named Phoenix Special Brew, launched in 2005, is the beer for the connoisseurs.

Blue Marlin ABV: 6.0%

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin has been conceived to give more power and success to its consumers. In 2007, Blue Marlin won the Grand Gold medal at the prestigious Monde Selection Awards.

Stella Pils ABV: 4.8%

Stella Pils
Its uniqueness lies in its crisp, aromatic and dry taste with maize inclusion. In 2009, Stella Pils reached for the stars by winning the Monde Selection Gold Award.

Phoenix Fresh ABV: 3.5%

Phoenix Fresh
Phoenix Fresh is refreshing and well suited for summertime with its unique natural lemon flavoured taste. It is the most ideal partner to enjoy friendly moments with loved ones.

Guinness Foreign Extra ABV: 7.5%

Guinness Foreign Extra
Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout is a beer born of a thirst for adventure. In the early 1800s, Arthur Guinness II braved the perils of sea travel to export this famous black beer across the globe.

Gister ABV: 4.8%

Gister, specially crafted for trendsetters and connoisseurs, was launched in June 2016. This premium beer, carefully brewed with the finest of ingredients, stands out with its brightness, its foamy head and its fine bubbles.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Wines & Spirits

GR8 Cape
Our performance in this sector remains competitive and promising, with an increase in imported and locally bottled wines. We also have a wide selection of spirits such as whisky, vodka, gin and rhum available in our portfolio.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Smirnoff Red Ice ABV: 5.5%

Smirnoff Red Ice
A ready to drink spirit cooler, Smirnoff Red Ice has become the favourite drink of many Mauritians. It is best served icy-cold.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Coca-Cola Also available in: Diet and Zero coke

Coca-Cola has been present in the Mauritian culture and spreading happiness for over 65 years. We are proud to be the pioneering and sole bottling company for The Coca-Cola Company ® in Mauritius.

Fanta Orange and passion flavour

Fanta is a fruit flavoured soft drink from The Coca-Cola Company®. Its fun-filled character and diversity make it a much sought-after drink during the festive seasons.

Sprite Lemon Lime flavour

Launched in 1965 in Mauritius and produced by The Coca-Cola Company®, Sprite is a refreshing soft drink, enjoyed by everyone.

Eski Available in: Four different flavours

Eski is the local flavoured soft drink that holds a very dear place in the hearts of Mauritians. Phoenix Beverages Group acquired and re-launched the brand in 2014.

Orangina Original and Zero flavours

Orangina is a premium soft drink enjoyed all over the world. It is recommended to gently shake the bottle to appreciate its exquisite taste. Orangina Zero is the newest member in the family.

Appletiser & Grapetiser Apple and grape flavours

Appletiser and Grapetiser are refreshing sparkling fruit juices enjoyed all over the world. They can be enjoyed on their own or as a mixer for a sophisticated cocktail.

Schweppes Flavoured

Available in Schweppes Tonic, Schweppes Ginger Ale and Schweppes Soda Water.

Pearona & Cidona Pear and Apple flavour

Cidona is a non-alcoholic, apple-flavoured sparkling drink. It was launched alongside Pearona in 1975, a pear-flavoured drink. Both of them are iconic beverages and must haves for “à la mauricienne” parties.

Sega Available in: Different flavours

Sega is a local flavoured soft drink that holds a very dear place in the hearts of the Reunionese since generations. Sega is a refreshing soft drink produced locally with spring water and sugar cane in Reunion Island.

For your own health, it is recommended to practice a daily physical activity.

Malta Guinness Malt / Energy

Malta Guinness
Malta Guinness, a non-alcoholic malt beverage, was launched in Mauritius in 1988. Malta Guinness is rich in iron and vitamins of the B complex.

Monster Energy Drink Available in: Five different variants

Monster Energy Drink
Monster Energy is way more than an energy drink. Led by athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is a lifestyle in a can!

For your own health, it is recommended to practice a daily physical activity.

Crystal Stills

Crystal water gives you a taste of freshness and purity to quench your thirst.It is filtered by reverse osmosis, the highest water purification technology available to remove impurities.

Crystal Sparkling Stills

Crystal Sparkling
Crystal Sparkling (formerly known as Dasani) is a bottled sparkling water from The Coca-Cola Company®. It is a refreshing way to soothe your thirst and hydrate yourself. It is unsweetened, lightly carbonated and has zero calories.

Fuze Tea Available in: Different flavours

Fuze Tea
Fuze Tea is an interesting brand that synergistically fuses tea with other natural ingredients to create a uniquely rich, layered sensory experience all at once it is earthy, lively, refreshing, fruity, herbal, floral and more.

Bagatelle Stills

Bagatelle is one of the most economic brands of stills in Reunion Island. Its ‘eco design’ gives the brand a more ecological plastic design with reduced labels and smaller caps. The bottles are optimized for less plastic material.

Edena Petillante Stills

Edena Petillante
Edena Sparkling Water is the new experience of consuming refreshing water with symbol of simplicity, purity accompanying every moment of life.

Edena Premium Bottle Stills

Edena premium bottle
Edena spring water comes in a premium variety with different bottling sizes like 33CL, 50CL, 1L and 1.5L. Its spring water has been customised to be used for different occasions.

Volcanik Stills

Volcanik is sparkling water specially to be mixed with cocktails and long drinks for an intense taste of freshness filled with bubbles.

Citro Stills

Citro is a subtle blend of spring water from Reunion Island, cane sugar and natural lemon flavor. It is an ultra refreshing drink, to be consumed at any time of the day