The Sustainability Pole of Phoenix Beverages Group

A Step towards a Cleaner and Greener Planet

PhoenixEarth, an initiative of Phoenix Beverages Group, is the sustainable pole of the company to become a key player in the ecological and environmental development in Mauritius. This initiative is the center of our environmental activities, which are an important part of Phoenix Beverages Group’s reputation and brands.

The objective is to contribute and create a sustainable future for our island and understand the growing issues and impact that resources can have on the environment. Promoting PET recycling, RGB, responsible drinking, fostering sports and education are the goals of PhoenixEarth.

We are constantly engaging with other parties locally to reduce plastic waste and its impact on the environment. We have invested in collection of plastic packaging for recycling and reuse, community awareness initiatives, social media campaigns, sponsoring of bins to reduce litter and we are planning for more of these activities with the launch of PhoenixEarth.

Our goals regarding PET collection, recycling and reuse are to increase PET collection in Mauritius from 50% to 80%.

Mauritius Glass Gallery (MGG)

Immersed in the fascinating world of glass blowing and glass ornaments, the Mauritius Glass Gallery, created in 1991, is a place where experienced artisans make one-of-a-kind glass works of art.

The Mauritius Glass Gallery is a Glass Foundry situated in Phoenix. It was created as a preservation measure of the local environment, by the former Mauritius Breweries Ltd and Phoenix Camp Minerals. The idea behind this initiative was to recycle glass waste from the two companies.

Our mission today, as part of the PhoenixEarth Initiative is to continuously encourage and challenge the artistic concept behind glass upcycling as well as developing other potential recycling concept such as aid in the production of asphalt through the incorporation of glass particles in the mix.

The Mauritius Glass Gallery also provides its visitors the opportunity to watch the traditional glass-blowing process or to have a glass model produced of their hand or foot imprinted in sand.

The gallery also has a variety of intriguing glass objects that may be purchased and also has lovely lampshades, stained-glass paintings, vases, and drinking containers on exhibit.

Glass blowing

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