In Reunion Island, the Edena plant produces beverages using water captured from two springs, about 4 km and 8 km respectively uphill in the Cirque de Mafate. The Edena site now has an additional water source. The laboratory facilities have also been upgraded with new equipment and resources. The plant has five production lines, the newest having been commissioned in 2019.

Since 1972, the Edena company has been the leader on Reunion Island market for its production of spring water namely with brands like Edena, Bagatelle, Edena Sparkling Water and Volcanik brands. 50 million litres of water are bottled each year in its factory at La Possession to meet up the expectations of its consumers.

Edena is also present in the soft drinks market with its carbonated brands like Sega and Big Cola and non-carbonated brand Citro. All the drinks are produced locally and are made of spring water from the Island.

All of our products – spring water, sparkling water and sodas – are manufactured and distributed all while respecting the engagements of Edena:

  • Protect and preserve the environment for future generations
  • Guarantee the quality and security of alimentation to the maximum
  • Participate in the sports and cultural activities of Reunion Island

Edena is proud to have its engagements recognized by the French organization ‘Association Française de Normalisation’ (AFNOR) - The AFNOR Group develops its international standardization activities, information provision, certification and training through a network of key partners in France who are members of the association.

Edena is also the first company in Reunion Island to gain a double certification of Afaq ISO 9001 and Afaq ISO 14001 which recognises its standards in terms of quality and environment.

At the regional level, the synergy between Phoenix Beverages Group and Edena continues to grow through the work of the Management Committee. The Committee meetings provide an ideal forum for the management from both entities to share their experiences and air their views on business matters.