• 13 Decembre, 2021

PhoenixEarth Initiative, signed Phoenix Beverages Group and The Coca-Cola Foundation work together for ecology in Mauritius.

In the aim to promote green economy, Phoenix Beverages Group launched its sustainability pole, PhoenixEarth Initiative, with the aim to become a key player in sustainability development in Mauritius. It combines and coordinates all of Phoenix Beverages Group’s current and future sustainability programmes and best practices.

The objective of this sustainability pole is to contribute and create a sustainable future for our island and understand the growing issues and impact that resources can have on the environment. Phoenix Beverages Group takes a responsible approach in its activities that aligns with the goals of sustainable and inclusive industrialisation. Our ongoing investment in upgrading our production facilities improves efficiency, increases productivity, enhances employee well-being. Phoenix Beverages Group, now through PhoenixEarth Initiative, has supported the responsible production aspect of consumption by collaborating effectively with local recycling organisations.

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