• 23 April, 2024

Phoenix Beverages Group implements the revolutionary BiobiN™: A game changer in organic waste management

In line with our unwavering commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, Phoenix Beverages Group has had the immense pleasure of acquiring a state-of-the-art bio waste management bin within its commercial unit on the 3rd of April 2024. This fervent ecological investment will allow us at Phoenix Beverages Group to create green composting material from biodegradable domestic waste, marking a significant step towards our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly focusing on Responsible Consumption and Production and its associated targets.

Understanding the criticality of addressing food waste and loss reduction, we have installed a “1 x 7 Cubic Meter” BiobiN™ within our compounds. This innovation not only permits the Phoenix Beverages family to return invaluable resources back to Mother Nature but also fosters a positive outlook amongst our dedicated personnel towards making greener conscious decisions in managing their personal leftover organic by-products. This initiative directly supports the Sustainable Development Goals of our entire corporate structure by laying emphasis on the reduction of food waste and loss which is primordial for the sustainable consumption and production patterns that we want to share with our most treasured team members.

The BiobiN™ aligns flawlessly with our eco-friendly corporate visions as it has revolutionised the production of a natural fertilising compound called 'Humus', which gradually enriches the soil with valuable nutrients without causing unintended odour pollution purposefully due to its innovative air recycling system. Moreover, this biotechnological revolution instantaneously processes leftover organic scraps with charcoal, woodchips, or sawdust without needfully adding supplementary microbiological organisms or chemicals, thereby creating a 100% nutritive and chemicals free composting blend called “Humus.”

This process exemplifies our dedication to the substantial reduction in waste generation through the prevention, reduction, recycling, and reutilisation of organic by-products which fabulously aligns with our Sustainable Development Goal targets at Phoenix Beverages Group. Our impactful ecological initiative aims to reduce the number of biodegradable wastes disposed into our local landfills. On an extensive scale, this shall create a significant milestone in the overall reduction of greenhouse gases emitted from the natural process of decomposition.

Investing in the BiobiN™ represents just one of the many unwavering steps in our ongoing commitment towards promoting sustainability. At Phoenix Beverages Group, we are dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly solutions that not only benefit our company but also contribute positively to the environment. By aligning our efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals especially by focusing on responsible consumption and production, we are founding concrete steps towards achieving food waste and loss reduction within our own corporate facility by encouraging the substantial reduction of waste generation through simple actions such as prevention, reutilisation, reduction, and recycling. This commitment reaffirms our pledge towards a sustainable future thus emphasising on the indominable actions today that will pave the way for a healthier planet tomorrow.

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